Monica Johnson

Hi. I’m a Canadian artist/designer living in Paris. I design books, packaging, illustrations, and surface patterns.

Reverie Zoo is where I stash ideas I want to hang on to, and in-progress artwork. The ideas come from the books and blogs I read, and the text and images are created by me.

You can tell from my posts that I’m fascinated by psychology and philosophy. And that I’m into patterns and nature (especially flowers). But above all, art is my thing.

Creating art is a fantastic way to unpack an idea and share it with others. I love how it gives visual form to intangible experience like emotions, personality and thoughts. With art I can bring depth of understanding to words, or give character to objects, places, and the things we wear.

Thanks for reading my blog! I hope you find some inspiration and valuable insights. If you have thoughts to share with me I’d like to hear from you.

Monica Aguilera